March 2019: AYS Month-in-Review


In the beginning of March 2019 we were at 13,700 members and counting. Now we’re at 16,000+ advertisers and counting! That’s more than 2,000+ new members joining last month. Thx guys.

Will also invested in premium for some server listing websites, so that also contributed to the members gained in 1 month.

New Logo

AYS as you may know is using the traditional light blue Discord logo for branding means. We decided to get a new logo designed, and our graphics designer came through! We won’t be using this logo as the server icon for reasons, but will still be used everywhere else.

What’s Next

Will and I are very excited for April 2019. We will be introducing some new guests to the party, and we hope you’ll be there!

For now, part 3 of Eqilux’s hibernation. Activate.

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