February 2019: AYS Month-in-Review


We’ve had massive progress from January and February. Although our Discord.me promptly stopped working, Will and I have fixed this issue. Epic win now we’re gaining members again.

In the beginning of February 2019 we were at 12,000+ members and counting. Now at the beginning of this month we’re at 13,480+ members! That’s 1,480+ new advertisers/lurkers joining in this month alone.

Update Festival & Loadsa Pings

Now last month (February), AYS was struck with the biggest updates ever. This was the new website, new blog theme, etc. Along with that were loads of pings too. Sorry ’bout that. It was Will’s fault.

What’s Next

We have loads of stuff planned for AYS in March. Now we’re not going to PING you as often as we did last month.

Part 2 of Eqilux’s Hibernation Mode: Beginh

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