Introducing the New AYS Website + AYS Edu

Hey there! Eqilux here with the biggest announcement that AYS has ever got. I’ve probably said that in the past, but I’m being serious on this one today. :PepePOOGERSFAST: We have 2 projects that have been worked on in the past for a long time. Today, I’m going to reveal them to you.

New AYS Website

We have a brand new AYS website over @ Our old one has been used since the start of Advertise Your Server, and I figured that we would need a new website. What’s even better is that we have live statistics of our Discord server and it just looks very nice. This has been designed by yours truly (me) and had suggestions and feedback received from everyone else in our staff team.

It’s a beauty, isn’t it? (according to most of staff team and server members) I’ll be adding more updates and slight improvements to the theme as time goes on. We are also introducing another thing today as well.

AYS Education

Will and many others in the AYS Edu team have been working hard to provide an education system for Discord. This provides an easy system to learn all about Discord, whether you’re new or not. We will have many courses releasing during this time period often. You can visit it at

Raid Response

We have updated Raid response bot, you can see the new features by typing in your Discord server once you invite it.

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